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For all Styles & Budgets, Quotation, Buying Power, DIYourself, Shared Tasks & Turnkey Home Building Option

3 Home Building Options

For all styles and budgets


Optimize your buying power and reach the affordability level you need most. Whether it is your first, second or third home purchase, our pre-engineered home concept adjusts to fit your budget and needs. First, you must know that all our projects (large and small) come equipped with our legenday Laprise wall system. We provide only one quality but three flexible ways to get to your goal.  Customize your home and enjoy 3 home building options to provide you with this little extra flexibility required to materialize your dream home. In the company of your home consultant, you will work out clear, precise and competitive scenarios. We will steer you in the right direction.


DIYourself, Shared Tasks or Turnkey 


Explore our three (3) home building options and discover a world of custom solutions. Choose the option that best corresponds to your situation, lifestyle and timeframe to fast-track your project: Do-it-yourself, Shared-Tasks or Turnkey option. No matter the option, we are there to assist you in putting together ''à la carte'' a mix to best suit your project.


The more you participate, the more you save!


DIY/Self-managed (yourself)

Shared-Tasks (you and us)

Turnkey (us)



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