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A la carte Installations, Greater Flexibility & Value, Works Associated Management, Personalized Estimate & Quotation

'À la carte' installations


Enjoy the power to choose. Choose to get involved in your project a little, a lot or not at all. You can elect to get involved in various installations at various stages of the works and enjoy greater flexibility and greater value. We can guide you in your decision process according to your skills level, time availability at your disposal and budget. You need to remember that our home building concept offers you the possibility to save by getting involved in a certain pre-determined list of works. Of course, we can manage part or all of the works associated with your home construction and specialty contractors.  Whatever your decision, each of the works you will have chosen to delegate to us will be calculated specifically for your project and area of construction and will figure on your personalized project estimate/quotation. 


For the possibility to have a say and/or manage:


- Foundations


- Home kit installation


- Insulation installation


- Foundation walls’ insulation


- Exterior finishings’ installation


- Cement rendering and masonry


- Interior finishings’ installation


- Plumbing


- Electricity


- Plastering


- Paint work


- Floor covering


- Kitchen, bath,laundry cabinet installation



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