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1. What are the advantages of building with pre-engineered wall panels?

Building with pre-engineered wall panels allows a greater freedom of choice, style and architecture and provides the construction flexibility you wish for to better fulfill your needs in term of quality of life, comfort and energy-efficiency.

2. What kind of modifications can we make to home plans and kit?

You can personalize and adapt any of the 250 home plans we present on our website according to your tastes and needs. Our architectural design team will adapt your plan according to your specifications and budget. Or you can bring your own architectural plan. All our homes are manufactured-to-measure according to the plan selected. Whether you wish to add square footage, add a garage, have 12-foot ceiling height or rethink the interior floor plan, for example, it is possible thanks to the pre-engineered wall panels. They are very flexible and provide you with lots of choices!

3. What does the Laprise kit entail?

It is a global home manufacturing and construction concept comprising a material supply chain, logistics, on-site quality control inspections and an accompaniment to optimize your project and ensure the thermal performance of your home.

4. What is included in a Laprise kit?

Our home kit includes: our high performance structural pre-engineered insulated wall panels in 4' to 8' sections with patented Laprise Z columns, floors & open-web floor joists, trusses & insulated roofing, steel doors & PVC windows, VRC, interior wall divisions & interior finishings including gyprock, wood trimmings, staircase & various accessories, exterior siding, soffit, fascia, ornamental elements, vinyl or Canexel siding, mouldings, architectural shingles, hardware, nails, screws etc... (Quantity of material guaranteed). Check out the Our prices include section for more details.

5. What is not included in a Laprise kit?

Our home kit does not include material and installations by the various tradespeople for the following: foundations & insulation, brick/stonework, electrical, plumbing, drywalling & plastering, cabinets, floor coverings and paintwork. To demonstrate how it is possible to realize savings with our home building concepts, we break-down our kit base price from other material, installations and sub-contracting works. This way, you can clearly see your itemized costs according to each and individual choice you make. If you wish to get involved, you can choose all the works you wish to do yourself à la carte and the ones you prefer to delegate to us. Of course, we can provide the home kit installation and the manage the various trades people for you, in whole or selectively, according to the home building options and the choices you will have pre-determined prior to the commencement of your project.

6. What does your web price include?

The prices shown on our website are calculated from a pre-engineered Laprise home base kit, unassembled, to provide you with the greatest flexibility. Contact a home consultant for a personalised project quotation.

7. What are your delivery leadtimes?

From 15 working days for all standard plans from the following Series (Gold Series, Silver Series, bronze Series, Integral Series and Value Series). For all personalized plans, delays will vary according to number and complexity of modifications you will wish to make to your home plan.

8. Do you have a catalogue?

Yes, we do have an electronic catalogue with more than 250 beautiful home plans with interior layouts for you to get inspired. You can consult this catalogue in our concept stores or online at your convenience, at all time. Take note that you can personalize any of our home plan. And you can also personalize your home building options: do-it-yourself, self-managed, shared tasks or turnkey projects. We manufacture-to-measure from your plan.

9. Do you have model homes?

Model homes cannot demonstrate the full potential of our home construction concept as well as the flexibility and freedom of architecture possible. We believe each project is unique. With hundreds of thousands of realizations over the years, our consultant will sure guide you or will be able to facilitate a meeting with one our happy customer, on request.

10. What is a Turnkey project?

In a Turnkey project, we manage your entire home construction project. We will do the following works: foundation and its insulation, kit installation and insulation, exterior finishings, masonry, interior finishings, plumbing, electricity, plastering, paint work, wood floor and staircases, kitchen and bathroom cupboards. All you will need to do is put the final touch to your home according to your style and preferences.

11. How much fo Turney project?

As each home and each client brings along a set of individual characteristics and specifications, it is best to contact a home consultant for clear, transparent and precise quotation, representative of your very own project.

12. What is do-it-yourself project?

In a Do-It-Yourself project, you take charge of your home construction project from home kit installation all the way through the hiring of sub-contractors, managing the installations and ordering the related materials. The flexibility of our 3 home construction options allows you to personalize your construction costs relative to your budget and degree of involvement in the works. Discuss the various possibilities with a home consultant. Together you will build clear and transparent budget scenarios and will cost material, installations and sub-contractors individually. By getting involved a little, a lot or not all, we will show you the various areas where you can make some savings and reach your dream home goal.

13. Are there home kit installation services outside city areas?

We have a network of selected contractors/builders to provide framing and insulation everywhere in Quebec, in Ontario and in several areas of New-Brunswick to ensure optimal thermal performance of your home. Our payroll Quality Control Inspectors will monitor the quality and progress of your home construction site throughout the project.

14. Whether I choose Do-It-Yourself or Shared Tasks option,
     can I benefit from your technical support?

We do have Technical support service. Not only will you be able to benefit from our home consultant, project manager and customer service dept years of experience, you will also benefit from our Quality Control Inspector`s know-how on your very site, at the time of your home kit delivery as well all the way through your project. For do-it yourselfer, should you require more specific assistance, it is possible to arrange for a guide during the installation of your kit. Discuss this option with your home consultant.

15. I would like an online quotation for a home plan?

It is preferable to make an appointment with a home consultant. It’s free and it pays off to know exactly what we can offer and how we can offer it. We will discuss with you the specific parameters of your project (selected home plan, preferred finishings, project leadtime...) and a personalized quotation will be calculated to reflect your specifications. With us, you will know exactly where you stand.

16. Do you have lots for sale?

Go to the Lots section of our site. Search and discover their technical sheet including the owner’s details (name, telephone number, email address...) and the lot details (area, surface size, photo, asking price...). Interested in a lot? It’s easy! Get in touch directly with the owner, no intermediary!


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