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Comfort, Energy-efficiency, Air Quality

Greater comfort, Greater energy-efficiency

Healthy, comfortable and eco-concious homes


We bring together the very best technical components available on the market today in terms of thermal insulation, airtightness and ventilation so that you experience a new kind of comfort in your new world home. Thanks to the synergetic effect of our high performance insulation system and advanced framing technique, you will enjoy :


- better ambiant air quality all year-around


- remarkable comfort thanks to the reduction of unpleasant air drafts


- significant energy-savings


- electronic thermostats 


- Energy Star certified doors and windows available according to area of construction


Ambiant air quality

All our pre-certified Novoclimat home systems (kits) are supplied with an air exchanger HRV (with heat and energy recovery) to effectively eliminate stale air and humidity generated by daily life (occupiers, cooking, showers, dryer...), thereby protecting your family’s health and the structure of your house. The daily operation of an air exchanger ensures the air quality of your house is automatically renewed by bringing fresh air from outside in, expelling stale air from inside out, and this without heat loss.  Enjoy comfortable and healthy living with Novoclimat homes as well as significant energy savings.



Novoclimat-certified turnkey home
Laprise is a Novoclimat accredited builder

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