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Novoclimat pre-certified home systems, ready-to-install, site performance

Ready-to-install home kits

Advanced technology, superior performance


Technically designed and developed to improve site operations and performance, the Laprise home kits lend themselves to all home styles and budgets. They are designed to facilitate and speed up installations. Thanks to these ready-to-install home kits, we can offer three flexible home building options (DIYourself/Self-Managed project, Shared Tasks project or Turnkey project) and make new homes more readily accessible to the greater lot. So dream up your home and personnalize your home building solution! With Laprise homes, there is more than one way to reach your goal.


Complete home kits with pre-assembled,
pre-insulated and ready-to-install wall panels


- by yourself as a DIY project or Self-Managed project
(with the assistance of your assigned Control Quality Inspector) 


- by a Laprise Select Contractor trained and inspected by Laprise Control Quality Inspector


- by a contractor of your choice inspected by one of our Laprise Control Quality Inspector



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