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Powerful Supply Chain, Technical Services, Integrated Processes, Technological Advancements, Stock Management

An innovative & powerful supply chain

Technical know-how at your service


More than just home, we offer you an global supply chain with value-added technical services to simplify your home construction experience. We make our technological advancements and processes available to you when you purchase a Laprise home system (kit). Benefit from an integrated suite of processes designed to take your project to another level. From home plans & drawings, manufacturing, logistics, transport, installation services, on-site quality control inspections and technical assistance, you can now optimize your project and build thermal performance into your home project.


Convenient component management & services
for your project


Our stock management and just-in-time delivery approach allow DIYourselfers and contractors alike to concentrate wholly on their project at hand and to gain significantly in efficiency.  No need ro run amok for your building materials anymore. We manage it for you. We take care and deliver all the pre-engineered components and hardware (quantity guaranteed). For your convenience, all your small componentry is delivered in a sealed crate directly to site at time of delivery. And of course, it is possible for us to manage all of the installations and sub-contrators according to the scenario you will have predetermined prior to commencement of works.



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