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Expanded Polystyrene Insulation (EPS)

High Performance Insulation


Expanded polystyrene insulation (EPS) has been used to insulate buildings for more than fifty years. It is also widely used in food packaging products. It is an ozone-friendly and recyclable product that is safe for the environment. 


The EPS used by Laprise® has a high insulation rating that helps reduce home energy consumption and consequently, helps reduce its impact on the environment. Furthermore, EPS effectively uses resources, as it primarily comprise air (98%) and very little plastic (2%). It is also 100% recyclable and its production process produces very little waste. In fact, most stuffed toys are filled with recycled EPS filling and the potting soil used to grow flowers and household plants contains recycled EPS. Moreover, EPS is not affected by humidity, moisture or mould and bacteria, which makes it a healthy and long-lasting product. It is an inert and stable material, which means that should EPS end up in a landfill at the end of its life cycle, it will not impact surrounding plant and animal life nor will it pollute air and water. 


Unfortunately, expanded polystyrene is often confused with extruded polystyrene, which often contains CFC or HCFC that have been proven to damage the ozone layer. The difference is enormous as expanded polystyrene contains absolutely no CFC or HCFC.






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