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Welcome to our Laprise Home Gallery. This Gallery showcases a cross-section of projects we carried with our clients. In some cases, these homes draw their initial inspiration from our home plan collection and in other cases, they are 100% dreamt and created by our clients. They embody their vision of the house with all the features and characteristics dear to them from the outset. They are also a testimony to our great capacity to adapt to various technical and architectural styles and challenges. You provide us with the initial input. We carry out your instructions. And together we create great homes. Your home. So we hope you get inspired! Like we are.


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Custom-Engineered Home plan

Inspired from LAP0354



Inspired from LAP0382

Inspired from W3470

Custom-Engineered Home plan

Custom-Engineered Home plan

Custom-Engineered Home plan

Inspired from W3875

Inspired from W3260

Custom-Engineered Home plan

Inspired from W2825

Custom-Engineered Architect Plan

Inspired from W2641

Custom-Engineered Home Plan

Inspired from W4756

Inspired from W3817

Inspired from W2151

Inspired from LAP0344

Inspired from W3875

Inspired from W2633

Inspired from W3823

Inspired from W3511

Inspired from W2624

Inspired from W3455

Inspired from W3117

Inspired from W3817

Custom-Engineered Plan personnalisé

Inspired from W3209

Inspired from W2127

Inspired from W3133

Custom-Engineered Semi-detached

Inspired from W3417

Inspired from W2912

Custom-Engineered Home Plan

Inspired from W2936

Inspired from W2908

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