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Our patented panelized wall system

For exceptional thermal performance, treat yourself with the superior Laprise home system. Because all homes are not created equal when it comes to insulation, air/waterproofing and installation, we've designed a wall system like none other that stops air infiltration and heat loss to ensure unparalleled long-term comfort for your home and family as well as substantial energy savings!


A high performance patented Z-column innovation developed to eliminate air and moisture infiltration and to maximize air/waterproofing. Provides superior thermal comfort and significant energy savings.


High performance rigid insulation panel that won't sag, will retain its insulating power and will remain perfectly in place during transportation. Provides exceptional and durable insulation quality.


High performance expanded polystyrene insulation panels composed of 98% air. Does not retain water nor humidity and is impervious to mold, parasites, micro-organisms, plants or animals.


Pre-engineered patented Z-columns factory-assembled with premium dry lumber and 1/2" thick plywood. Provides structural stability and strength as well as unparalleled bracing.


Double lathing and continuous vapor barrier that prevent the passage of water vapor by diffusion from inside the house.