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629.00 pi²
Price per kit: 
53 687.70 $CAN
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The Laprise Kit ?
More than a house, the Laprise kit is a complete material management and technical services suite including logistics and quality control site inspections developped to optimize and facilitate your project and ensure the thermal performance of your home.

What is included in a Laprise kit? 
ur pre-engineered home kit includes: High performance insulated wall panels in 4' to 8' sections with patented Laprise Z columns, floors & open-web floor joists, trusses & insulated roofing, exterior steel doors & PVC windows, VRC, interior wall divisions & interior finishings including gyprock, wood trimmings, staircases & various accessories, exterior siding, soffit, fascia, ornemental elements, exterior siding, mouldings, architectural shingles, hardware, nails, screws, etc... (Quantity of material guaranteed). Go to Our prices include section for more details.   

What is not included in the kit?  
Our home kit does not include building materials nor installations by the various tradespeople for the following works: foundations & insulation, brick/stonework, electrical, plumbing, drywalling & plastering, cabinets, floor coverings and paintwork. We itemize our home kit base price from other materials, installations and sub-contracting works. This way, you can clearly see your costs according to each and individual choice you make. If you wish to get involved, you can choose all the works you wish to do yourself à la carte. You can also choose all the works you would rather delegate to us. Of course, we can provide the home kit installation services and manage the various tradespeople for you, in whole or selectively, according to the home building option and the choices you will have pre-determined prior to the commencement of your project. 

This small and contemporary rustic home, scandinavian inspired gathers all the essential elements desired by the majority of our young customers! Open floor plan layout, 2 bedrooms, low building costs, ideal for first-home buyers.

The front entrance takes you directly to the family room which is open to the eat-in kitchen. Open floor plan layout are highly sought item and it is very convenient and appreciated in smaller home models.

You need to provide, additional wardrobes in entrance and bedrooms. Storage spaces are planned in the plan. A full bathroom with shower-bath combo and an in closet stacked washer and dryer are intended to be more interesting assets when you want to maximize square foot and investment!


  • Pre-engineered wood siding on 4 sides of the house 
  • Screwed exterior stone cladding (mortar required, not included) 
  • Exterior siding, Hampton-style cedar shingle
  • Standard corners according to siding
  • All PVC casement windows with colored PVC, exterior side only
  • Integrated grills colored PVC, exterior front side only
  • Tiled/false mullions (windows), color exterior front side only
  • Exterior doors, color exterior side only
  • Soffit: colored aluminum
  • Exterior solid wood components, stained
  • Exterior columns/posts: solid wood, stained

The following items are not included:

  • Concrete balcony

Available in option:

  • Floor lining for ceramic (3/8" plywood)
  • Central vacuum
  • Exterior / Interior light fixtures
  • Hardwood and / or ceramic flooring
  • Choice of interior finishes (doors, knobs, baseboards, casings and more)
  • Choices of doors & windows


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