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Prefab Advantages, To make the right choice

To make the right choice
To understand prefab
It is important to understand the various advantages prefab homes have to offer. It is also important to comprehend that certain prefab systems might be better suited for certain type of projects and certain types of environments as there exists numerous differences in prefab home systems.  It is in the details, you will find subtle variations in performance (such as fabrication method, quality of materials and insulation, assembly methods on-site and off-site, installation technique, sub-contracting works, etc…). The following specifics could have a bearing on your final decision:   


The style and architecture complexity of your project


The overall size of your project 


The topography and lot access


The preservation of vegetation and trees on the buidling site


The reputation, history and financial solidity of the manufacturer/builder  


The quality of manufacturing processes, quality of installations and quality of executions


The quality of building materials and insulation


The construction method


The resale value of your property


The builder's insurances and warranties


The 2012 Quebec construction code and Novoclimat energy-saving standards



The main prefab home advantages


Manufacturing in a controlled environment sheltered from outside elements


Labor and material cost reductions due to large annual volume manufactured


Better quality control (on-site and off-site) and improved construction leadtimes 


Significant reduction of building left-overs, losses and wastage



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