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Prefab major differences, Pre-engineered Home System
Prefab major differences
Pre-engineered Home Systems (from wall panels)


The house structural components and wall panels are planned, manufactured and insulated following a personalized home plan.  All pre-engineered components including wall panels are then delivered and assembled on-site by a selected and trained local installer according to a set construction and performance principles. Foundations, interior and exterior finishing works are purchased and executed on-site by local contractors such as general contractors, certified electricians and plumbers. Kitchen and bathroom components are in certain cases, purchased by the home manufacturer and then custom made and installed on-site.  


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Prefab modular homes (from modules)
The house components are planned, manufactured, assembled and insulated according to set manufacturing processes, then delivered to site in 1, 2 or more modules. Put onto the foundations, the modules are then zipped/joined on-site by selected installers. The roof trusses (equiped with retractable hinge system to facilitate and conform with road transport regulations) are unfolded, the rooftop is then connected and completed on-site. Foundations, gutters, plaster joints, paint work, baseboards, floor coverings, kitchen and bathroom installations, are performed directly on site.  In the majority of cases, the kitchen and bathroom components are purchased by the manufacturer and then installed on-site. Electricity, plumbing are ready for on-site connections.


Traditionnal construction, House, Construction site, Wood, Workers

Traditionnally-built homes
The home structural components are assembled directly on-site by a local contractor from bulk building materials. Once the structure is erected, the insulation is then installed in between each elements of the structure.  Sometimes, the components might be pre-engineered in part or entirely. The assembly methods may vary according to the contractor’s experience and region. Should you have personal reason to prefer this more traditional type of homes,  we have all the processes in place to materialize your project according to your convictions.


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