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Project Management, Site Logistics, Manager, Operational Efficiency, Schedule, Planning, Manufacturing, Coordinating

Project Management & Site Logistics


At the start of your project, your will be assigned a Project Manager. He will ensure the fluid and seamless coordination of supplies as well as pilot selected installers and contractors (according to your choice of home building option and area of construction). His main priority will be to improve the operational efficiency of your construction site and coordinate works schedules specific to your project. He will work closely with your Control Quality Inspector whom will keep a vested eye on the smooth progression of your home construction site.


For each project, we provide value-adding services* such as:


- Planning, manufacturing, purchasing, coordinating of supplies and contractors


- Delivery and lifting of all pre-engineered components to site


- On-site presence at time of delivery


- Planning, delivering and monitoring of all works schedules and contractors


- Provide selected installers for your home kit installation
  (according to home building option chosen)


- Planning, communicating and synchronizing all parties involved


- 300 inspection points at various phases of your project
 (follow-ups, comments, compliances, photos)


- Toll free Customer service 1.800.463.1107 or 1.866.laprise


- Installation drawings and videos


* may vary according to area of construction and
 according to the home building concept selected



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