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Shared Tasks

Rely on our technical know-how & Save
You wish to take part in your project. You have project management skill and wish to save money. However, you would rather benefit from our technical know-how for the framework installation and insulation to achieve superior thermal performance. This option provides you the flexibility you are looking for. We will deliver all the components and materials of a Do-it-Yourself home kit and you will rely on us for the installation of the framework and insulation as well as any other tasks that you would rather not manage yourself, and that you will have pre-determined according to your specific needs.  
For instance, you may choose to manage sub-contractors to perform works related to the foundation, exterior finishings, plumbing, electrical, plastering, masonry and do all interior finishings and decoration yourself (Painting, floor covering, kitchen and bathroom cabinets). Many scenarios are available. Please consult your home consultant. The possibilities are endless. All our 775 home plans are available in the Shared Tasks Building option.
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