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Technical Support, Drawings, Coordination, Quality Control, Premium Quality Supplies

Technical support


When you purchase a Laprise home, you tap into a whole suite of value-adding processes and professionals to facilitate your home construction process. Your Quality Control Inspector will be your very best ally throughout the various phases of your project. He will be your project-guide right on your home site from the day of delivery of your home kit. He will provide your after-sales service as well as hints and tricks at the right time to put your on right track from the start. This service is included when you purchase a Laprise home kit. Certains conditions may apply depending of the area of delivery. 


For each project, we provide the following technical services:


- Technical drawings


- Installation drawings


- Technical coordination of your home kit pre-engineered components


- Custom manufacturing of all structural pre-engineered and pre-insulated components


- Factory-built pre-engineered components away from external environment


- Rigourous quality control during manufacturing


- Premium quality supplies (quality wood SPF 2+)


- Complete supply management of pre-engineered components and hardware


- Numbering of all pre-engineered components


- Pre-engineered components & works logistics


- Transportation


- On-site Quality Control Inspector



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