Can I personalize my prefabricated home before I buy it?

Yes, without any hesitation. In fact, customizing your future prefabricated home can be critical to the success of your project. Not all manufactured homes give you the same level of customization. Whether it is to adapt to a lot, a site or to comfortably accommodate the needs of all the members of your family, the […]

12 January 2021

Yes, without any hesitation.

In fact, customizing your future prefabricated home can be critical to the success of your project. Not all manufactured homes give you the same level of customization. Whether it is to adapt to a lot, a site or to comfortably accommodate the needs of all the members of your family, the Laprise construction system offers you the best of both worlds: the flexibility of construction on site and the advantages of offsite custom prefabrication (in the factory). Maisons Laprise home plans can be personalized and modified before the start of the panelized home system and structural components are pre-engineered and manufactured and before the installation of the foundations. Maisons Laprise wishes to offer you the opportunity to build your dream home while meeting all of your requirements and expectations in terms of style, form, function, flow of movement and sight lines for the lifestyle you wish for your home. The 250 home models displayed on the Maisons Laprise website allow for plan alterations and customization as part of the service offered. However, some customizations may in certain situations incur additional costs. Maisons Laprise will clearly inform you if any fees apply to the nature of your project.

The important thing is to know that Laprise personalization is more than moving an interior wall in a given plane. At Laprise, square footage, ceiling heights, basement heights, openings, roof slopes, basement exits and garages are part of the daily life of the manufacturer and builder. These criteria are possible and are achievable with the Laprise’s panelized house system to reflect your expectations without compromise to your style, needs or budget.

When you receive your personalized quotation, after a few meetings with a Maisons Laprise advisor, the costs of your entire project will be well broken down and detailed to help you make an informed decision and determine the home building option best suited to your budget, time at your disposal, talents and / or desire to participate in certain tasks of the project to save money. For Maisons Laprise, the most important thing is to build a home that you will be proud of and in which your whole family will be comfortable for many years to come. After all, the house of your dreams will become your backdrop against which you’ll create beautiful memories.

To personalize your future prefabricated home, you can modify the plans as well as choose materials according to your tastes and your budget.

Modification of plans

On the Maisons Laprise website, you can find a whole collection of house models. As their name suggests, these models are, for some, models to be adopted as is and, for others, may require modifications. The projects carried out by Maisons Laprise allow plan modifications to cater for the expectations and preferences of each client. In fact, each manufactured / prefabricated home kit can adapt to the reality of its buyers and allow for unique and individual projects.

Also, the ability to modify the Laprise base plans can be essential in a home project, which is what makes you love your home for a long time. You can buy a house model as is, or customize it slightly or more seriously, or you can provide us with your architect's or architectural technologist's plans. Depending on the nature of the sketch, inspiration or architectural plan provided, Maisons Laprise will have to make modifications to the original plans to ensure that the structural loads are calculated, to comply with current building code as well as certain other technical requirements, to adapt them to the pre-engineering and prefabrication processes and to ensure that the house can indeed be built in the desired location.

In addition, changing plans allows future homeowners to include all the elements they would like in their home. Do you dream of a walk-in closet, a large kitchen island, an office for one or for the whole family? Do you want to set up a workshop or a quiet office? Would you like to combine the elements of two different models? Whatever your preferences and needs, Maisons Laprise's home plan modification experts can turn your wish list into reality.

While some plan changes are included with the purchase of a Laprise home, major changes in the design of the plans or architecture of a model can increase the cost of your future home. But these can make all the difference between a standard home and a home that truly resembles you and allows you to live, play, study and socialize however you want.

Materials choice

All the home models offered by Maisons Laprise include a quantity and selection of building materials in the basic home kit. However, it is possible to substitute them according to your aesthetic preferences. In general, the items included in the Laprise base kits are detailed for each model number featured on the Laprise website and generally include:

  • All the structural components of the house
  • Lightweight exterior cladding in vinyl, wood siding, wood fiber or fiber cement according to the model chosen
  • Asphalt shingle roofing
  • High performance Energy Star PVC windows
  • Steel entrance doors and door handles
  • Interior doors, handles and finishing moldings
  • The load-bearing and non-load-bearing interior divisions
  • Screws, nails, sealant, tape, glue, whatever is needed for the complete assembly of the freestanding structure of the house.
  • For more information on the inclusions, please contact a Laprise advisor and/or visit Maisons Laprise’s website.

Depending on your budget and your aesthetic preferences, it is always possible to modify the exterior and interior finishing materials for your future home. However, it is important to remember that changes to the standard base model may increase the total cost of the project according to your choices.

If you have a project in mind, do not hesitate to contact an expert from Maisons Laprise for the choice, flexibility and technical support to make your personalized project a success.