Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers.

What is a Laprise kit?

The Laprise kit is a complete set of pre-engineered / prefabricated (ready-to-install) energy-efficient structural components, accompanied by a set of services such as architectural drawings, assembly plans, quotation, technical planning, manufacturing, purchasing, logistics & delivery on site. The quantity of materials is guaranteed. The Laprise kit is supported by our 10-year structure warranty.

Can I provide my own plan?

Absolutely! Thanks to Maisons Laprise pre-engineered structural wall panel construction system, we can prefabricate your house according to your own plan. We’ll adapt our construction system according to our technical parameters and apply all applicable construction standards whether the project is for a single-family house, a semi-detached, or a bi-generation dwellings. In this technical process, the layout of your plan and rooms will remain unchanged and you will enjoy the Laprise home quality! However, Maisons Laprise reserves the right to do a feasibility study to assess the architectural complexity and the building components required of the project. Please note that we may limit the number of projects of this type.

What is included in a high performance Laprise kit?

In addition to all the services mentioned in the previous point, the complete Laprise kit includes: insulated exterior walls, floor structure (beams, joists, plywood, glue, screws), roofing (shingles or sheet metal according to plan, plywood, roof trusses, roof fans, nails), doors / windows (steel doors, garage doors, patio doors, choices available for each), prefabricated interior divisions, insulation (ceiling, rim boards, walls), interior finish (dry wall & screws, doors & handles, moldings, shelves and wardrobe poles, staircase with railing according to plan), exterior finish (flexible siding according to plan, fascia, soffit, slats, decorative elements and gallery according to the case), heat recovery air exchanger. In addition, all the mounting hardware for each element is provided. And within a radius of 300km from our Montmagny factory, delivery costs are included.

Can I choose my interior and exterior finish?

Absolutely! Whether it's exterior cladding, architectural shingles, door and window colors, hardware, interior doors, moldings, or plumbing fixtures, we provide a wide variety of trendy products in each category. The creative reins are in your hands when it comes to decorating, including kitchen and bathroom cabinets, plastering, floor coverings, and painting. This allows you to save on management fees, personalize your finish, and tailor it to your taste.

What is not included in a Laprise kit?

Labour and subcontractors. To complete your project, you must plan for the installation of the Laprise kit and its pre-engineered components as well as the foundation, foundation insulation, plumbing, electricity, masonry / acrylic coating, plastering, painting, floor coverings and fireplace as applicable. However, for several sectors, it is possible to delegate these works to us. Moreover, kitchen & bathroom cabinets, plastering, floor coverings, and painting (considered decoration) are not included and, for you to take charge of, and make more savings in the process.

Can I only buy the walls?

Maisons Laprise is recognized for its quality construction system (home kit). Its patented high performance, high precision structural wall panels are one of the many components of this system and they are not detachable from it. Our home kit concept is advantageous for you as you benefit from our purchasing power while enjoying a higher quality house at a competitive price in addition to being supported throughout the project, even during construction! For more information, please do not hesitate to ask your sales advisor!

How far can you deliver your home kits?

Wherever the road can take us. And even by boat, if there is no more road! Whether you are in the Magdalen Islands, in the Maritimes or in Ontario, the kit will be delivered to your site! Certain restrictions may apply in certain locations. Contact us for more details.

What does Assisted-DIYourself mean?

You’re passionate about construction. You’re a good handyman or handywoman and you’d like to simplify your entire planning, buying and building process? Then this option is for you! Not only you benefit from all our technical infrastructure and support during your project, but you also get the 10-year Laprise structure warranty even if you’re assembling the house yourself. Contact us for more information!

What are the delivery times for the Laprise kit?

They vary from 15 to 40 business days depending on the series of plans yours is part of. However, in the unprecedented context that our industry is currently going through in terms of supplies and specialized labor, these deadlines are subject to change. A privilege series kit will promote better lead times. Please note, if you want Maison Laprise to install your kit, the availability of labor may affect the delivery time of the kit. Entrust us with your project several months in advance in order to meet your development objective in the desired time.

What does Shared Tasks consist of?

This means that Maisons Laprise can conduct the most technical for you (like the structural (kit installation) & mechanical works, for example) and you can choose to manage the other remaining tasks while enjoying the Laprise technical support in the process. Often, clients delegate to us the kit installation and the airtightness/waterproofing tasks while they finish or manage other categories of work themselves. As you can see, several scenarios are possible!

Can Maisons Laprise do installations?

Yes, we can build a house Ready-to-Finish including the foundations (our turnkey version excluding kitchen & bathroom cabinets, plastering, floor covering & painting for you to save and personalize your finishing to your style & budget). Alternatively, you could also consider teaming up with us for your project and opt for the Shared tasks building option. Whether you’d like to get involved in your project for fun and / or for the prospect of savings in your build, we can tailor your building option to suit your skills, needs and budget. Also, depending on your region, we can specify the extent of our possibilities, related pricing and recommend preferred installers & contractors, should you prefer to have the work done for you.) Ask one of our expert advisors!

A Ready-to-finish project, does it include the foundation?

Absolutely! Depending on the area of construction, we can offer the Ready-to-Finish building option. If you’re looking for peace of mind and not having to worry about supervising construction works, then this option is for you. What is left for you to manage is the decoration: kitchen & bathroom cabinets, floor coverings, painting, plastering, according to your taste, at your own pace and save in the process!

How long does it take on site to install my house?

The time required for a new house installation can vary greatly depending on its architecture, dimensions and the building option selected for your project (DIYourself, Shared tasks or Ready-to-finish). Our advisers will be able to give you an overview. The moment works begin on-site, you’ll get a precise work schedule according to the installations you’ll have predetermined for your project.

Does Laprise offer mortgage financing services?

We do partner with specialized services in this field to facilitate your financing procedures whether your project is Ready-to-finish, Shared tasks or even DIYourself. In the event of the latter option, our Assisted-DIYourself concept, paired with the right mortgage representative, will facilitate the process.

Are the plans editable?

Yes, and we have 2 approaches depending on the complexity of the project! First, it is possible to customize your plan from an existing plan on our website. If the modifications are minor with no effect on the structure of the house and your adviser is able to estimate and modify the project without referring you to a drawing professional, then the latter can guide you in carrying out the plan.

However, if the modifications are major, the modifications may require the intervention of a professional such as a designer, engineer, architectural technologist or an architect, then you will have to hire at your expense the service of a professional for the design of your plan. Maisons Laprise reserves the right to do a feasibility study to assess the architectural complexity and the building components required of the project. Please note that we may limit the number of this type of projects.

What are Maisons Laprise home warranties?

All the houses installed by our teams are covered by the residential construction warranty commonly called GCR, the only mandatory warranty plan for new homes in the province of Quebec. The GCR can offer up to 5-year protection. In addition, all of our high-performance home kits come with the Laprise 10-year structural warranty, regardless of the building option chosen.

Do you have land lots?

We do have lot listings in some areas. Additionally, we have arrangements with some landowning partners and developers who also list their lots directly on our website under the "house & land packages " section. You will find all the lot details in this section. For more information, please contact an advisor closest to you.

Is a Laprise house cheaper or more expensive than others?

To answer this question properly, you need to compare apples with apples. To do a proper comparison analysis, many elements must also be considered such as the project’ architectural complexity, size, and choice of finishes like cabinets, flooring, plumbing, etc. In addition, price and quality are determined not only by these choices, but more importantly, by the performance of the house structure, its insulation, and its quality of assembly on-site. The building code dictates a minimum to be respected. We pride ourselves in surpassing the existing standards. Our objective is to provide the most advantageous quality / price ratio thanks to our annual purchasing volumes and our expertise cumulated over more than 30 years.

Do you have any homes already built for sale?

In some areas, we do have home and townhome projects that can be visited by appointment. Please consult the «Townhouses for sale » section of our website. For more information and to visit the project, please write to us via the «Contact us» section of our website or by phone, according your liking.

Are all prefabricated/pre-engineered homes built the same?

No! There is more than one concept of prefabrication. The two best known offsite construction systems are the modular and panel systems as we prefer at Laprise. This latter method is not restrictive in the choice of models, modifications or even design it authorizes, unlike the modular. In addition, the principle allows those who wish to get involved to varying degrees in their construction to achieve significant savings and/or do it for the pleasure of building their own house. In short, pre-engineered panel construction is very versatile and combines the advantages of prefabrication with all the flexibility of onsite assembly.

Do you have model homes?

Yes, we do at our Quebec branch address at 2372 boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel. You can come during our opening hours. For more information and to ensure the availability of an expert advisor, we recommend that you make an appointment.

How much does my complete construction project cost?

Each home project is different because each project involves different home model, finishes and participation level relative to each individual taste and needs. The area of ​​construction can also be an incidence on the project price. However, as a starting point, all of our models are costed against a standard. For a customized project quotation, please one of our expert advisors, who will be able to cost your project more precisely according to the area of construction.

If I move to another region of the province can you still build my project?

With pleasure! We put our network of installers and subcontractors at the disposal of your project management. For example, you live in Quebec City, but your work takes you to the outskirts of Montreal. No worries. We have the teams to manage your project. Prep and plan your project in one of our sales offices of your choice and we’ll provide a team of installers in your area of construction. Please contact one of our advisers for more information.

What is the Privilege plan series?

A selection of highly popular home models providing quick turnaround times in terms of both technical planning and production. Moreover, a privilege pricing is also granted on the plans of this very favorite series. Certain conditions apply. Ask one of our experts!

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