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A complete supply chain for your home project

More than houses, we have developed a complete concept to facilitate the more technical aspects of your project. We provide you with a cutting-edge, high-precision prefabrication technology, an efficient high-performance construction system (kit) and a suite of technical services to fully support you during your project to save you time and money in the process.

Kit in action

What's included in the Laprise home kit

We manufacture offsite. We supply and deliver to your site! The Laprise standard home kit is made of a complete set of structural components and building materials including our high precision, high performance pre-engineered & pre-insulated wall panel system. For ease of access during installation, exterior & interior materials are delivered in large crates to save you time and to avoid you going back and forth to hardware stores during construction. All the hardware, nails, screws, glue, sealant, adhesive tape, etc. (necessary to assemble the kit onsite) are supplied. The quantity of materials is guaranteed. The kit comes with a 10-year warranty.

The kit in details

Our High-Performance and
Very High-Performance insulation system

Make eco-friendly, sustainable and high-performance choices for your home. 2x6 or 2x8 walls. Insulation 5½ or 7½ mm thick . Fiberglass or rock wool. Choose the right level of ecological, thermal, acoustic and technical properties for your house.

Standard version and option available

STANDARD: 2x6 exterior walls with 5½" thick insulation Rt 32.6
OPTION: 2x8 exterior walls with 7½" thick insulation Rt 37.6

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Other available options
Additional protection against water, fire, noise and micro-organisms.

OPTION: 2x6 exterior walls with 5½" thick insulation Rt 32.6
OPTION: 2x8 exterior walls with 7½" thick insulation Rt 37.6

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More comfort, more energy savings

Technical, high performance & energy-efficient homes

An energy-efficient factory-built home can help minimize your environmental impact by building more efficiently and by reducing energy consumption. Thanks to the synergy of our superior insulation and air&waterproofing system combined with our proven installation technique, you will enjoy significant energy savings, remarkable comfort and a sustainable thermal performance.

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More flexibility & greater potential to save

3 home building options.
Choose the one that fits you best!

Personalize your own home building scenario according to your needs, budget and talents. Determine your level of involvement. Participate a little, a lot or not at all. But it's nice to know that you can get involved and make an impact on your final budget. Remember that we can take the burden off some installations for you. You get to choose every step of the decision process!


DIYourself project

Save the maximum dollars. Take complete charge of your project for the kit installation, construction works and exterior finishes yourself. Negotiate, choose, manage and pay your subcontractors yourself. Do and manage all the interior finishing works yourself. Shop your interior finishes and save! Get the benefit of our technical support to assist and guide you in your project.

The kit comes our Laprise 10-year structure warranty.


Shared tasks project

Save thousands of dollars! Do some of the works yourself and save. Choose the construction and mechanical jobs you want to delegate to us and those you want to carry out or manage yourself. For example, delegate the foundation, the installation of the framework and the insulation to us and manage the other tasks and interior finishes. Benefit from our project management services and a quality control inspector to assist you in your project.

Enjoy the 10-year Laprise structure warranty + GCR warranty according to the tasks delegated.

Delegate + FINISH


Save! Get involved in the interior finishes & works. You can turn to our technical expertise and project management service for foundation, framing, insulation, exterior finishes and mechanical installations and subcontracting works. You take charge of interior finishes for drywall joint plastering, painting, flooring, ceramic work, kitchen & bathroom cabinets and other finishes to suit to your needs and to save costs.

Enjoy the 10-year Laprise structure warranty + GCR warranty + Novoclimat on option.

There to assist you

Technical services to
fast-track your project

Purchase a Laprise home kit and you can count on our suite of technical services to bring your forever dream into reality. Our one stop shop approach makes your project planning and coordinating easier, friendlier and more cost-effective. Save a host of management fees and costs! And, if in the process, you need assistance or specific services, we'll be there for you!

Beautiful home models and modification service
Quotation and complete technical specs
Quality control inspections (factory & onsite)
Installation plans and technical support
Production technical settings and coordination
High precision custom prefabrication
Projet management services
Installation services
Logistics and delivery to site
After-sales service

A team of dedicated professionals
assigned to your dream home

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Technologist- for architectural drawings and plan alterations

Technologist - for structural engineering & prefabrication parameters

High-precision prefabrication and factory quality control using high-quality structural components and building materials

Home expert adviser - to support you through the planning, scenario analysis and project costing

Project director (Pre-construction) - to assist with the right choices of building materials and finishes and documentation

Project manager (Construction) - for the coordination of onsite subcontracting works & schedules

Site quality control inspector - for superior building standards compliance (Shared Tasks & Ready-to-finish modes)

After-sales service - to assist after construction, should you need it


Express your style and orchestrate your interior finishes

You are more of the designer/manager type than the engineering/construction type? Whatever your style, with the Laprise kit, you can be both. But know that managing instead of doing can also be a form of participating and saving in your project. By managing your interior finishes for example (bathroom, flooring. plastering & painting), you can save thousands of dollars. You can put a lot of money in your pocket by avoiding middlemen and management fees for different works in your project.


Manage subcontractors for mechanical works

Negotiate, compare & pay subcontractors to perform the interior finishing works such as plumbing, electrical, ventilation, masonry, and more. This way, you can avoid middlemen fees and save!

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manage & carry out interior finishing WORKS

Get involved in carrying out interior jobs such as drywalling, joint plastering, painting, installing floor coverings and ceramics, for example. The more you participate, the more you can save!

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manage & shop your interior finishes suppliers

Shop your for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and built-in cabinets, flooring, ceramics, painting and more. Compare and get the best prices and save a lot!

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