Prefab home kit - offsite panelized construction- high energy efficiency

The Privilege Kit Series.
10% rebate for your new home project!

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Choose a pre-engineered home kit & offsite construction

Discover the Laprise kit : solid, efficient & energy-saving!

You've got a dream. We've got a high performance, high precision home building system and a proven offsite construction technique. Plus, we've got great prefab flexibility of style and architecture for the magic to happen! Our panel home system (kit) is prefabricated to measure and adaptable to all styles and budgets. Discover our kit, technical services and 3 home building options to make your dream home come true!

Choose to participate in your project - TO save

3 home building options for your project

Discover more than one way to reach your forever dream home. You can save thousands of dollars by getting involved in your project. The more you participate, the more you can save. Choose the scenario and degree of involvement that best suits your style and situation. At Laprise, we can accomodate your needs and budget.

Take charge of your entire construction project and save big. Install your kit framework and get involved in the construction works. Choose, manage and pay for your own trades and subcontractors. Do exterior & interior finishes and works yourself. Get involved, shop, negotiate and save!

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Do some of the works yourself and save. Choose the structural and mechanical works you want to delegate to us and those you want to carry out or manage yourself to save. For example, delegate to us foundation, installation of the framework, insulation and exterior finishes and manage other works (electrical, plumbing, ventilation). As for interior finishing work (drywall joint plastering, painting, flooring, cabinets), the ball is in your court! It's a way for you to achieve thousands of dollars in savings.

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Let's build your project together. Get our structural & technical expertise. Use our project management services for foundation, framing, insulation and exterior finish installations and subcontracting works. We can take charge of electricity, plumbing & ventilation works for you. As for interior finishing work (drywall joint plastering, painting, flooring, cabinets), the ball is in your court! It's a way for you to personalize your interior and achieve thousands of dollars in savings.

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Choose to fast-track your project

Discover our Privilege Series

Start your search with our Privilege Series. More than 20 favorite house models. Explore these must-have models and processes to fast-track your project. Architectural and engineering plans are ready for faster production turnaround. And as a bonus, you get to enjoy a Privilege rebate when you purchase a Privilege Series home kit. Combined with one of our building options, you’re well on the way to fast-tracking your project as well as saving time and money!

Discover a world of possibilities and choices

Discover a world of possibilities and choices

Looking to get involved to save money? You're in the right place. When you purchase a Laprise kit, you have the option to choose the tasks & works you want to undertake, manage, and pay for yourself. And if structural and mechanical work isn't your forte, we can take care of it for you, while still allowing you to save money. How? We let you handle and manage the interior finishes (plastering, painting, flooring, cabinets). Start shopping around. Deal, compare, and save.

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Manage & Carry out

Get involved with varying degrees in construction works & take charge of interior finishing works to save more.

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Manage & Shop

Manage & shop interior finishes (paint, flooring, ceramic tiles, kitchen & bathroom cabinets, and others) and save.

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Manage & Negotiate

Manage & shop subcontractors for interior finishes (plastering, painting, flooring, ceramic tiles, cabinets & others) and save.


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