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1680 ft2

From the entry hall, the natural light draws us to the modern and distinctive second floor boasting an interrupted open plan concept. Italian avant-garde inspired interior design. Well-proportioned linear kitchen with all the modcoms: large linear island, large walk-in pantry, open plan dining and living rooms extending to a fabulous outdoor terrace with a view to the fireplace. Structured lifestyle terrace with plantation-style shutters and fireplace confers intimacy and integrity to the architectural volumes. Perfect indoor/outdoor layout integration. Handy WC on the second floor. On the first floor, a master bedroom with much-sought after ensuite bathroom and walk-in robe. Bedroom 2 with walk-in robe. Space 3 designed as a bedroom/boudoir or office. Nearby, a multifunctional bathroom designed in 2 intelligent zones: a private or common WC zone and a bath and laundry room zone.

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Laprise base kit
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THE STANDARD LAPRISE HIGH PERFORMANCE EXTERIOR WALLS (Rt-32.6) with anti-torsion and anti-thermal bridge features are factory-built with 5 ½’’ thick fiberglass insulation and 2’’x 6’’ positioned at 16’’ c-c, using world-class equipment, as per plan, and consists of:

Vertical exterior laths of 1’’x3’’; Continuous rigid insulation of 1½’’ and ½’’ plywood covering the entire surface of the walls; 2’’x 6’’ dried wood sills, studs, and top plate; lintels (wood or engineered wood); Sealed polyethylene membrane serving as a vapor barrier; Factory-installed double lathing; Acoustic sealant; Tape and seal weathershield and vapor barrier joints.

OPTION FIBERGLASS WOOL (Rt-38.7) : Very High Performance Walls with 7 ½’’ thick fiberglass insulation in 2’’x 8’’ for superior thermal performance;

OPTION ROCK WOOL (Rt-32.6) : High Performance Walls with 5 ½’’ thick rock wool insulation in 2’’x 6’’;

OPTION ROCK WOOL (Rt-38.7) : Very High Performance Walls with 7 ½’’ thick rock wool insulation in 2’’x 8’’ for superior thermal performance and resistance to sound, fire, water, microorganisms, mold, termites, and other insects.


Pre-assembled non load-bearing divisions with anti-torsion system ready for drywalling installation; Pre-assembled load-bearing divisions with anti-torsion system ready for drywalling installation; Unassembled basement divisions (according to plan); 2"x4" or 2"x6" wood studs (dry wood);


Tongue-and-groove 5/8’’ plywood, glue, and screws; Floor beams and joists; Brackets for fastening and nails; Load-bearing columns; Floor perimeter joists; Perimeter insulation with urethane (included if insulation installation is part of the contract); Structural beams; Anchor plates; Podium bath enclosure (according to the plan).


Plywood ½" (gables and roofs); Asphalt architectural shingles and accessories; Plastic cement (pitch); Shingled starters; Drip edge flashings; Eaves protection and self-adhesive membranes (according to plan); Galvanized steel valley flashings; Roof trusses and bracing; Self-adhesive membranes (according to plan). Attic fan.


Attic insulation; Insulated R-60 attic access hatch; 1’’x3’’ ceiling laths at 16’’c-c; Sealed polyethylene membrane serving as a vapor barrier; tape and sealant to seal vapor barrier joints; Ventilation deflectors.


Lorendo PVC windows with energy-efficient thermal glasses with PVC-covered interior window jamb extensions; Windows & doors head flashings; ; Insulated exterior steel doors; Exterior door handles; Insulated steel garage door (according to plan); factory-installed waterproofing membrane around openings; Insulating foam (urethane spray) around openings (doors and windows).


Aluminum ventilated soffit; Fascia (according to plan); Lightweight exterior siding (vinyl, wood fiber or wood) and finishing accessories (according to plan); Sun guard beams (according to plan); External load-bearing columns/posts (according to plan); Balcony and/or patio and/or gallery (according to plan); Decorative elements (according to plan); Traditional masonry not included; Concrete balcony/porch included if Foundation Category is included in sales contract; Fireplace box (according to plan).


Drywall boards ½" and screws; Baseboards and moldings; Interior doors; Interior door handles and hardware; Adjustable closet rail-based storage system with rods, poles and wire shelves; Staircase, guardrail and hand rails (according to plan); Decorative elements (according to plan); HVR Heat & ventilation recovery device with control and one timer per bathroom.


Kit transportation is included within 300 km from the city of Montmagny (Quebec) by municipal road network. Every additional km (exceeding 300 km) is calculated according to the kit delivery/construction address. Transport by sea not included. *FOB price applies for delivery outside the province of Quebec.


Excavation; Foundation and foundation insulation; Kit installation and subcontracting works (plumbing, electricity, etc.); Floor coverings; Drywalling: plastering/jointing; Painting; Wood fireplace and its prefabricated fireplace; Kitchen & bathroom cabinets and built-ins; Masonry stones; Gutters; Dry wall corners; Land and services; Other possible exclusions.

* Quantity of materials guaranteed - 10 year structure warranty
  • Wood siding on 4 sides of the house - Opaque dyed or natural dyed (main siding)
  • 2 ½ " exterior wood corners
  • 2nd floor balcony roof-terrace (welded membrane is not included) covered with treated wood
  • Exterior chimney box (chimney box structure covered with wood) with special decorative top(painted frame & wiring)
  • Casement & awning windows with colored PVC, exterior side only
  • Colored exterior doors, exterior side only
  • Colored aluminum soffit
  • Exterior columns (structure only)
  • Tempered glass exterior railings
  • Exterior / interior doors handles (as per designer selection)
  • Adjustable sunblinds, brown treated wood pre-stained (2nd floor balcony)
  • Basement staircase, traditional birch, undyed, unvarnished
  • Second floor staircase, birch, dyed & varnished, as per designer selection
  • Interior railing as per designer selection (wood, tempered glass, tempered glass & metal)
  • Wood interior beams and/or columns, structural and/or decorative, to be dyed (ceiling & 2nd floor)
  • Lightweight concrete decorative panels / living room wall
  • Roofing membrane for flat single slope roof & for roof-terrace (2nd floor balcony)
  • White PVC sliding basement window
  • Concrete porch
  • Exterior acrylic siding (walls & columns)
  • Exterior masonry siding (walls & columns)
  • Interior wood finish wall (ref.: hardwood via flooring)
  • Interior ceramic finish wall (ref.: ceramic via flooring)
  • Roofing membrane for flat single slope roof & for roof-terrace (2nd floor balcony)
  • Foundation walls interior finish
  • Basement ceiling interior finish
  • Basement subfloor
  • Floor lining for ceramic (3/8" plywood)
  • Foyer au bois extérieur et cheminée préfabriquée
  • Concrete porch
  • Revêtement extérieur en acrylique (murs et colonnes)
  • Revêtement extérieur en pierre maçonnée (murs et colonnes)
  • Aluminum exterior gutters
  • Kitchen hood
  • Central vaccum
  • Exterior / Interior light fixtures
  • Kitchen & bathroom cabinets
  • Integrated built-in storage and walk-in wardrobe
  • Hardwood and / or ceramic flooring
  • Choice of interior finishes (doors, knobs, baseboards, casings and more)
  • Choices of doors & windows
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